2017 Plan

I dont really have a new year’s resolution. Thought, there are a lot to change but what I really wanted to do this year is to write. 

Write for me. Not for anyone else but for my own entertainment. I want to go back to writing again becuase its long overdue. It had been years since I write something and honestly, I miss it so much. 

Sometimes, I wonder what made me stop. Real life problems, I guess. Having no job for months to having one and being busy about it. Alot of things came into my way that made it impossible to write. Life has just took over me and its kinda sad because all I want is to write. And I hate to think that I already lost it, the passion I have for writing cause thats all I ever wanted to do. But Im gonna write again. I dont know exactly when but it will be this year. 

Yes, Im gonna write again! Afterall, we always go back to our first love. 
Missing it, 




Its been a really long time since I last posted here. And I really miss it. Anways since I don’t have anything yet worthy to be posted here, I just like to greet all of you a Merry Christmas! 

I hope that you’re enjoying this happy day with everyone one you love! 😘😘😘

Merry Christmas and spread love!!! 

The Lone Traveler

the lone traveler

Last September 10, 2015, I went to Manila. It was a memorable experience not just because it’s my first time to be there but more so because it was my first travel alone.

It was around 12 noon that the plane departed from Cebu. It was really an amusing trip for me. It was my first time to be in a plane and seeing the place where you stayed all your life from 30,000 ft above was pretty cool. And when I arrived in Manila, I realized that it was like Cebu. Much bigger, though. And it’s more populated but somehow it still feels like my hometown if only the people were not speaking a different dialect. I stayed at the house of my aunt in Taguig for a night and then the next day, I went to Makati for my sole purpose in going in Manila. This day was really a challenge for me. I have to interact with quite lot of people and speak their dialect which I am not comfortable in speaking. Tagalog or Filipino is not really hard to speak, it’s just that I am not used to hearing myself using it as a medium of communication so it really feels awkward. But I tried, though. But I still ended up being silent most of the time that I stayed in the place.

I also met few people. They were all nice and I want to be friends with them which was really unusual for me because I am not a friendly person and I rarely want to be friends with people that I just met. I just really find them very comfortable to be with despite the language constraint. I was not the only one who came from the province. Two came from Tacloban and one came from Southern Leyte and they speak different dialects, too. But since English and Tagalog are common languages that we could speak and understand so we still effectively communicate with each other.

After I finished my tasked in Makati, I immediately left and went straight to the airport. Around 6:45 pm, the plane departed from Manila. Unlike the first time that I sat next to the window, my seat was in the middle so I didn’t have the chance to enjoy seeing the view outside the plane but it was still good because I had the time to sleep and rest. It was around 8:00 pm that we arrived in Cebu. And I was happy to be back home.

The Lone Traveler,


Naruto : The Next Generation

uzumaki_boruto1 Uzumaki Boruto

Obviously, the son of Naruto. Everything about this child’s appearance is speaking of his father. From the color of his hair, to his eyes and those whisk in his chicks, it’s all Naruto’s. But unlike Naruto and Hinata, Boruto was a born prodigy. He could easily learn a new jutsu. And because he can get things easily, he didn’t understand the value of hard work. He didn’t share the same spirit as Naruto when it comes to being a ninja. But he obviously admires Sasuke.uzumaki_himawari_by_mai_kuu-d85xovf

Uzumaki Himawari

The second child of Naruto. Well, it’s also pretty obvious that she’s the daughter of Naruto. Aside from the color of her hair that she got from her mother Hinata, her eyes and the whisk in her chicks came from her father. I haven’t read so much about Himawari but I’m guessing that she’s really a sweet child but pretty dangerous when angered especially when she awakened her byakugan. Yeah, he knocked out Naruto during his inauguration as Hokage.

I think she’s the sun in their family especially between the growing misunderstanding of Naruto and Boruto.


Uchiha Sarada

Okay, appearance-wise, Sarada was obviously the daughter of Sasuke. The color of her hair and her eyes says it even her aura says that she’s Sasuke’s daughter. But before knowing that Sakura was her ‘real’ mother, I was pretty confused with her resemblance to Karin and also with Sakura herself. I cannot tell who’s the mother of this child at first. Her glasses says it’s Karin but I was pretty sure that Sasuke married Sakura, so what the hell happened? Thankfully, it was cleared in Naruto Gaiden that Sakura was her mother. Because really, I didn’t like Karin for Sasuke and for Sarada’s mother as well.

I think Sarada is pretty gifted when it comes to natural talent as a ninja just like Sasuke. She’s smart like both of her parents and diligent like Sakura. She’s obviously got Sasuke’s cold attitude mixed with Sakura’s kindness that makes her lovable rather than scary unlike her father. Thankfully, though.

(Side Note: I think there’s something romantic between her and Boruto. It seems that they like each other. And it got me thinking, if these two would end up together then, there would be no one to continue to bear the last name of the Uchiha Clan. Because Sarada would bear Boruto’s last name which is Uzumaki if they get married, right? This means that Sasuke and Sakura should have a second child. And it should be a boy. Just saying because I think it’s imperative that the Uchiha Clan will continue. Gosh, Itachi risked everything for their clan and it should not be wasted.)


Nara Shikadai

From the name itself, it’s already pretty obvious who his father, right? Yep, it’s Shikamaru’s son to Temari. I like how Shikadai got almost his physical appearance from Shikamaru with an exception of his eyes that he got from her mother. He’s a beautiful child. His parent’s sure have very good genes. I think Shikadai was more like of his father when it comes to attitude. He finds everything ‘troublesome’ just like Shikamaru did when he was young. But I think his more dedicated like her mother. But I am not saying that Shikamaru wasn’t dedicated, it’s just that Temari has more patience with things unlike Shikamaru does.


Yamanaka Inojin

Okay, he’s Ino and Sai’s son. At first, I thought Inojin was a girl. I mean look at him, isn’t he just a pretty child? And his hair was ponytailed so you couldn’t blame me for thinking that he’s a ‘she’ rather than a ‘he’. HAHA! But I actually like Inojin’s features. He almost got everything from his father but his hair and his eyes are from his mother. And blamed it to those features that he got from Ino that I thought he was a girl. Hahaha. And I like Inojin’s personality. You will think that he was a very nice and kind kid because he always listens to Ino but he was pretty blunt as his father. I remembered that he called Chocho fatty in the Chapter 700 of Naruto Shippuden and he called Sai’s art ancient in Naruto Gaiden. It was really funny how he got that attitude from Sai. There’s really no doubt that Sai was his father.


Akamichi Chocho

From the body, it’s obviously Choji’s daughter, right? Unlike almost everyone in the next generation, Chocho was quite different. She got most of her appearance from her mother more than his father. From her hair to the eyes and the color of her skin, everything was Kariu’s. The only thing that she got from Choji, that would really identify her as his child, is his plum body. And I think that Chocho got most of her personality from Karui but got her appetite from Choji. Hahaha. I really find it funny during the Naruto Gaiden when she thought that Choji was not his father and when they finally got back to Konoha, Naruto told Choji that Chocho was looking for him. I don’t know I just really find it funny. images-1


I was pretty hoping that he’s Kakashi’s child even though all the signs are telling me that it’s impossible. But it really didn’t come to mind that he was Orochimaru’s son until I saw him expand his arms. Oh my gosh! Orochimaru got a child and Kakashi did not. What is happening to you Kishi? I hate you! You should let Kakashi marry—it was out of character, though, but still you should have let him got married, have a family of his own and most especially have a child. But anyway, how the hell did Orochimaru got a child? Don’t tell me it’s because of his experiment? Hmmm… but Mitsuki’s character is interesting. And he was part of Team Konohamaru with Boruto, the son of Naruto, and Sarada, the daughter of Sasuke, who’s both parents have no amiable feelings towards Orochimaru.

f964aee1683cb6d6299fe509019d9019Metal Lee

Lee, you just don’t have brushy brows but you really are weird! Why the hell did you name your child Metal Lee? Is it because your name is Rock Lee? You wanted something stronger than rock so you choose metal? *sighs*

But it’s cute to see Metal Lee as a complete replica of Rock Lee. It’s just like seeing Guy-sensie and Rock Lee all over again. Is he as passionate as Lee? Hahaha. Well, I didn’t know much about Metal Lee but I’m pretty curious who his mother is.

(note: photos are not mine. got them from google. credits to owners!)

A Naruto Fan,


Naruto Couples: Who Married Who?


Uzumaki Naruto & Hyuuga Hinata 

I’ve realized that they would be end game when Hinata slapped Naruto during the fourth Shinobi war. I mean, it’s pretty obvious. The trivial thing, though, is how these characters will fall in love with each other. There’s no question in Hinata’s case because we all know that she’s in love with Naruto since the beginning. The problem is with Naruto because he just didn’t see Hinata in a romantic angle. I think he only considered her as a comrade and a friend regardless of her confession to him during that battle with Pain. So, it was really good to see The Last Naruto the movie because it explained how the romance between the two bloomed. And I like this couple, they have the chemistry and they’re really cute. And I think their characters complement each other. Hinata being calm and shy while Naruto being loud, scatter-brain and foolish. It balanced everything between the two of them.


Uchiha Sasuke & Haruno Sakura 

I am not surprise that they end up together. Though, I was also seriously considering that Sakura could end up with Naruto. It’s a possibility that we couldn’t ignore since Sasuke choose the dark path, Naruto and Sakura were always together for a very long time. But like I said, this pair is not really a shock. It was due mostly to Sakura’s feelings. Even when Sasuke was taking the dark path, her feelings for him still didn’t waiver. She still loves him despite him trying to kill her. Yes, Sasuke is such a lucky bastard for having Sakura. And I think it was good that Sakura loves Sasuke because it is what Sasuke needs. An unconditional love that he lost when his whole clan died and when Itachi died. But I still want Sasuke to stop his coldness and show some warmth towards Sakura. Come on, Sasuke. It’s uncool to be cold especially towards your wife.


Sai & Yamanaka Ino

I didn’t see this one coming but it wasn’t a shock either. I distinctly remember that Ino had a little crush with Sai when he became part of Team 7 and I also remembered that Sai called Ino pretty once. Though, I am quite sure that he didn’t really mean it. He was just saying it to avoid trouble due to the reaction of Sakura when he called her ugly. Haha! But that was really not something that you would expect to bloom into love. But nevertheless, this couple is cute. And they have perfect genes, too! Inojin is such a pretty child.


Nara Shikamaru & Temari 

I was the one who’s pretty dense with this pair. Sorry, but I am not really paying attention with them. They just got my attention during the Fourth Shinobi War. When Temari was teased about the guy she likes. It was really funny of me to think that it was Naruto because the two kunoichi specifically mentioned ‘smart guy’ and in all fairness to Naruto, he’s not smart. And then I saw Shikamaru and that’s where it hits me—hard that he’s the one that the kunoichi’s referring to with the smart guy. And come to think of it, Shikamaru and Temari being a couple is not bad. I mean, they look good together and they’re both smart. And not to mention, they could make up a good team. And honestly, I like their exchange of words. It’s really cute. It’s like flirting with each other with wits. And I like how Temari is being different from the other kunoichi. She’s strong and very capable in fighting. She’s not a damsel in distress who needs to be saved, in fact, in their situation, it was the other way around. She’s the one who saved Shikamaru. And I also like how Shikamaru  find Temari scary like her mother but then still end up being comfortable with her. It was like they’re made for each other. I think they are the perfect couple in the Naruto world.


Akamichi Choji & Karui

What?! How the hell does this happen? This is the pair that I didn’t see coming. How come this two end up together? Seriously? Where did the romance started? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!

But anyway, even though this pair came as a shock, I think they are not badly paired. Choji being too kind needs a badass woman like Karui (I still remember her beating Naruto to death) who could snap him from his being too kind almost a coward attitude. But then, I still want to know how the hell these two ended up together. What’s the story behind these two? I want to know. Please, Kishi, explain it to me!

Other Characters:

I wish Inuzuka Kiba did end up with someone because it was not clear if Tamaki was his friend, girlfriend or wife. And Kiba should have a child, too.

For Aburame Shino. Well, I guess it fits him well just to be single. I mean, Shino is very silent that he couldn’t relate to people very much. And I think he’s not the type that will have an interest with romance. Yes, I think Shino has no romantic bones in his body. Hahahaha.

For Tenten. Well, like Shino she’s really not the kind who would be interested with romance. But it wouldn’t be that bad if she married too. But then, she didn’t.

For Rock Lee. I was just so happy knowing that he got married and even have a child. I’m pretty curious now who’s the wife of Rock Lee.

And if Hyuuga Neji is still a live, will he get married too? Who could he possible end up with? And what will his children look like? Ah, I’m so curious. I’m really hating Kishi for killing Neji! Kishi, why? Why? Of all characters, why do you choose Neji to die?

(note: photos are not mine. got all of them from google. Credits to owners!)

A Naruto fan,


The Last: Naruto the Movie


I’m not a fan of Naruto movies because it feels like a filler episode— annoying and unnecessary. But I got so curious with The Last because as what I’ve read, (yes, I read spoilers. Haha) it was the continuation of Chapter 699 of the Naruto Shippuden Manga so watching it wouldn’t be a waste of time, would it? And I was pretty curious of how does Naruto fall in love with Hinata.

It’s nice seeing the Konoha 11, minus Neji plus Sai, matured a little. And for one thing, Naruto isn’t the shortest among his group of friends anymore. And his hair, it got shorter. And there goes Hatake Kakashi. It was kinda strange seeing him with both of his eyes revealed and without the sharinggan but nevertheless, he’s still very handsome. And my, isn’t it just amazing that he is the six Hokage? I’m so proud of you, bae.*laughs* And of course, Hinata. The girl of the hour. I think she became prettier. She’s even prettier than Ino, whom I actually find pretty since the first time I watched Naruto. And yeah, she’s prettier than Sakura. Although, she’s still behind Sakura’s fighting ability. Okay, I admit. I really find Hinata weak. Not because her justu is not strong, it’s just that even if she’s really capable of fighting, she always ends up being saved. And I really don’t like it.

Anyway, for the first few scenes of the movie, I was just really laughing. I mean, seeing Naruto being so popular with girls was kinda funny. Who would have thought that he would be that admired? He used to be just a good for nothing fool and nobody cared about him. But now, *laughs*, he’s very popular. He was like a rock star or a heartthrob. But guess that’s the price of being a hero. And I believed that he deserves all the admiration of the people. It still feels strange, though. HAHA. And I still can’t believe that Naruto is still not aware about Hinata’s feelings towards him. I mean, didn’t just Hinata confessed her love to him during that battle with Pain? Is Naruto that dense that he didn’t get it? Everyone knew about it, right? I mean their friends. Then why, Naruto, the subject of that feeling has no idea about it? Gosh, Naruto! I really want to chop you into pieces. *shake head* And Hinata, why are you so shy? You already confessed to him once and you even held his hand. I know it was hard now because Naruto isn’t an ordinary guy anymore. He’s a hero and everybody loves him but you were together since the academy days until the last shinobi war. You’ve been friends for a very long time. So you should have a little bit of confidence. Thankfully, Sakura was there to give Hinata support and encouraged her with her feelings.

And about the scarf, I really find it old fashion. I also feel that the scarf was unnecessary. Yeah, yeah, I know that it’s the thing that connects Hinata to the first time she met Naruto. But come on, it really feels unnecessary. I feel like the movie could go on without the scarf. But then, it was also helpful during that gengutsu event. Because of the scarf Naruto became aware of Hinata’s feelings and paid more attention to her, hence; falling in love with her eventually. But… *sigh* So, yeah, I am the crazy person here who couldn’t decide if the scarf was really unnecessary or not. Anyway, it’s good to see few of Hinata’s early memories of Naruto. It gives me the pre-Naruto shippuden feels. (I’m missing Naruto already. Huhu!)

And that Toneri guy, he’s handsome but he’s creepy. Is he even human? Or is he not? Anyway, I still don’t get why he wanted to marry Hinata when in fact he already have the byakugan because of Hanabi’s eyes. Is it because Hinata was the Byakugan Princess? And so? *shake-head* I still don’t get it. Actually, I don’t even get the concept of the Byakugan Princess. (I really need to read the novelized version of this movie in order to understand everything) But it’s cute to see Naruto got a little bit protective of Hinata because of Toneri. I think he’s even jealous. It was sad to see Naruto feeling so low when Hinata unintentionally rejected him, though. And Sai, *laughs*, he would really never change. So mean of him teasing Naruto about his rejection. You really are so insensitive, Sai. Haha! I didn’t agree with Sakura when she said that Naruto only likes her because she likes Sasuke and since Naruto didn’t like losing to Sasuke, he made himself likes her. I really think that Naruto really likes Sakura or he might really be in love with her. Naruto’s feeling towards Sakura was real. It’s just that he knows that Sakura loves Sasuke so he just accepted it and just be happy with his friendship with Sakura.  And speaking of Sasuke, what’s wrong with his outfit? The last time I saw him, he looked like a stripper-wannabe and now… he looks like a quack doctor. Sasuke, what’s happening to you?! You used to wear cool clothes when you were a child, you know? But any, it was really thoughtful of Sasuke to protect Konaha while Naruto was away. I’m glad to see that you really did come into your right sense after your fight with Naruto in the end-valley. But dude, stop acting so cold. It’s not cool, it’s creepy. And to Killer Bee and Gaara, you really are a true friend of Naruto. I love you because you trust him. *kisses* And I miss you, Kurama! It’s really nice seeing you again. And don’t worry about your penmanship, it was not ugly. It’s actually cute. *wink*

I really enjoyed watching this movie. In fact, I think this is my favorite. Ah, wait. I need to see the Boruto the movie first before saying this. But I really like this movie. I like how they mixed the action with romance with a little bit of comedy (seeing Naruto acting like a fool because of that spider web is really funny. Baka!)It balanced everything. And the NaruHina feels is real! Even if it felt a little weird because their romance was so sudden and honestly, it’s a little over too mushy. But gosh, I can’t stop myself from being giddy and squealing because of my feels. AND THE KISS! Waaaah~ I need oxygen here! Help! *collapse* I want more so I really can’t wait to watch Boruto the movie. I’m so excited to see the older version of Konoha 11, minus Neji plus Sai, and the next gen too. Ahh, I love to see those babies. Especially Shikamaru and Temari’s son Shikadai. (I admit he’s my favorite)

 p.s But I’m a little bit sad because the anime of Naruto will be ending soon. Huhu. No more Naruto for me. What to do next?



Life As We Know It

Life is a constant battle of survival. A quest of every human being. A journey. A struggle. A game that everyone must play.

We say life is cruel. Unfair. Selfish, even. But whoever says Life is kind? No one, right?

Life is never perfect. It is a combination of good and bad. A blend of joy and sorrow. It just a matter of how you deal with it.

In life, sometimes we’re up. Sometimes we’re down. We could never tell. Doesn’t mean that we’re up, we could never go down. Life is constantly changing.

And when you’re down there, feeling like losing your battle. Your hope. Your confidence. Your chance. And all you want to do is to QUIT! Think twice. You might just need a pause. A quick stop. Have some time to recharge. Free yourself from pressure. Have a break. Chill out. Laugh a bit. Smile a bit. Scream, if you want? Have fun!

And if you’re ready… Continue your fight! And when things still get rough and hard to handle. Then, let your friend destiny and fate do their thing. Or better yet, let God handles all. But never ever give up! Remember that not all is given the chance to live life. So, give your best shot. Play hard! And never have regrets. Because no matter how hard life is… In the end, we are still the one who will benefit from it.

It brought the best within us. Not Naïve but Wise and beautifully molded by experience.